You probably know someone like this; an old movie or TV series comes on, and This Person points at the screen and says something like, "Hey, that's So-and-so" [except that they can always tell you who So-and-so is]. I never recognize the person they point to, no less have a clue who it is. That's why I was so shocked to have actually found someone in a video who I had actually seen before!

First, the video [ignore the first 30 seconds; start paying attention when the man starts dancing]:

[nathanjbarnatt, via YouTube]

So I'm watching this guy [Nathan J. Barnatt, in case you're wondering], and I said, "Now where have I seen him before?"

 Do you recognize him? 

Well, you probably saw him here first:

[nathanjbarnatt, via YouTube]

Barnatt, incidentally, has done commercials and short videos for a few years now. Search YouTube, or your favorite video site, for more of his work. Can you pick out early roles from big stars in TV or movies, or do they just show up out of Nowhere? Either way, let us know, either here or on our Facebook page...