If they were making a movie of your life, who would you pick to play you ? Of course, most of us won't have to worry about that question. But if you're Sir Elton John, planning a biopic about yourself, the answer is very important to you.

Sir Elton's answer? Well, he told the Los Angeles Times that he'd prefer Justin Timberlake playing him on the big screen [Funny. I would choose Ricky Gervais, provided that he lip-synced to the Elton John recordings. Shows what I know...].

To be fair, Timberlake has a little experience; he played a younger Elton in the video for "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore":

[suckerworm, via YouTube]

Elton says the movie, which has a working title of Rocketman, will combine elements of his life with some surreal segments, in the style of Moulin Rouge. He intends to serve as executive producer, says he already has a director in place, and is just waiting to finalize a script before beginning work.

So who do you think should play Sir Elton in the movies? For that matter, who should play you in the movies? Give us an opinion, either here or on our Facebook page...