Are they 3-D?  Is Ghostbusters 3, in the offing.

Original "Ghostbusters", Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, have read the script and “loved it,” CNN reports.

Bill Murray, however, has not looked at it yet. There have been all kinds of posts and rumors online about Murray not liking the script and evidently those rumors are not true.

Reitman also has been mulling  over whether or not to shoot the film in 3-D. The studio is interested in 3-D because there seems to be a real financial bump for the right movies being done in that format.  What Reitman has to determine is whether comedy works this way .Ivan Reitman is a legend and continues to lend his hand to quality projects, the last three films he’s directed have been Evolution, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and this year’s No Strings Attached — why wouldn’t he jump at the opportunity to direct a film that seems like a sure bet?