Have you had a chance to watch "Jeopardy!'s" men versus machine trivia showdown this week?  I gave up last night, when Watson started to run away with the competition...  what fun is that?   

"Jeopardy's Men Versus Machine" concludes tonight after a punishing second round that saw IBM super computer "Watson" outpace his human competitors by a wide margin last night.  Brad Rutter, who is "Jeopardy's" all-time winnings record holder, says he's surprised by the intelligence and responses offered by Watson.   At the end of the second round, Watson finished with more than 35-thousand dollars.  Rutter, who tied the computer at the end of the first round on Monday night, finished in second place Tuesday with ten-thousand-four-hundred dollars, and Ken Jennings was third with four-thousand-eight-hundred dollars.  The two-game series was taped last month.  Its broadcast run will conclude tonight

The winner will receive one-million-dollars.  The runner-up will receive 300-thousand-dollars, and the third place finisher  --  200-thousand-dollars.  Rutter says he plans to donate some of his winnings to the local library system in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Jennings and IBM will also donate some or all of their winnings to charity.

So a machine is faster and smarter than a human?  I guess that's not really a big surprise, but kudos to the guys and gals who designed and built Watson...  I guess I am surprised though he's not a "she?"  That would have made more sense to me...  LOL (wink, wink ladies).    

Courtesy of Metro Source