Did you know there is an annual World's Biggest Liar competition? Really.

Of course, to be honest [and why I'm being that, I'm not sure], how world-wide the competition is could be interpreted in different ways. The throwdown is held annually in a small English village. Of course, it is open to anyone [except lawyers, politicians and journalists, on the grounds that lying is part of their professions], and more than a few amazing stories are told over the course of the evening.

This year's competition was held last week, and the winner was one Jack Harvey [there could hardly be two]. Harvey informed the crowd about badgers - apparently a common creature in that part of England. It was reported that badgers helped the Romans defend the area in ancient times from invasion. Harvey went on that, because of some late-night activities, most of the residents of the region were at least two percent badger(When he was awarded the distinctive trophy given to the World's Biggerst Liar, Harvey, amazed that he had taken the prize, said, "Perhaps all this is a lie as well.").

This year's battle went into the night before a winner was picked, but it doesn't always go on that long. One year, a bishop reputedly entered the pub where the tournament was taking place. When informed about the contest, he said "Well of course, I have never told a lie."

He was awarded the trophy on the spot.

So who would be your pick for World's Biggest Liar? I think it's only fair that those disqualified from the actual event should be excluded here. Over and beyond that, anyone is eligible. Give us your choice here or on our Facebook page.

Story suggested by Yahoo News, Results courtesy independent.co.uk