I always hear people say that fall is their favorite season.  Why?

Sure the leaves change and are pretty, pumpkins, cider.  That's all good.  But lets look at the other side of the cion and why fall is just eh for me.

It's cold!  The heat needs to be turn on in the house, which means higher utility bills, plus you really can't open the windows and let the fresh, warm air in.

Kids go back to school.  This by itself is fine.  But what does school bring?  First of all, you always get stuck behind school buses when you are in a hurry to get somewhere.  Second, and more importantly, kids go back to school which is a large petri dish of sickness.


While I'm on the topic of sickness, most people don't get sick during summer.  It gets cold, everyone is sick.  There is no flu in the summer either.  My son came home sick last week and it has already worked its way around the entire house.  Boo!

Sure the leaves are pretty.  They do entail some raking though.  A lot of raking.  I have a burning bush at my house which I'd like to remove.  My wife tells me its pretty.  I agree.  Pretty for the 10 days it has colored leaves.  The rest of the year it is just a big, green eyesore.


So if you think fall is my favorite season, not so much.