It's almost guaranteed -- you sit your child down to a healthy meal, and the last thing to get pushed around the plate is the broccoli. Or the  Brussels sprouts. Green beans. You name it, kids just don't seem to like veggies, especially green ones!

I found this fascinating: According to researchers at Yale, kids hate veggies because they're pre-programmed to avoid plants, in case they're poisonous!!!

The scholars studied toddlers playing with different objects and found that kids didn't pick up natural things -- like plants -- as much as plastic or metal objects.

Even more striking (to me, at least) was that, when given the choice between real plants and realistic-looking artificial ones, most were very reluctant to touch the real ones!

'This behavioral strategy would protect infants from the dangers posed by plants by decreasing the likelihood of ingesting plant toxins (by either consuming plant parts or ingesting toxins rubbed off on their hands from damaged plant parts), or incurring injuries from plants’ physical defenses (e.g., fine hairs, thorns, or noxious oils).