I REALLY need to start learning how to say no. Over this past weekend I had the chance to go the WNY Polar Plunge for work and I wasn't too sure on whether or not I was going to actually plunge into the 44 degree Lake Erie. But, ohhh let me tell you how I was conned into going in.

First off, if you have never been to the Polar Plunge, it really is a riot. Everyone is dressed up in different costumes ready to make the plunge. It’s almost like a big tailgate party before everyone is led by a Olympic-like torch into the water. Best part? All the monies raised by this party that the NYS Troopers put on goes to the Special Olympics of WNY.

Back to the coldest 10 minutes of my life….

I was out there with my co-workers (none of which went in, let me add) and we were kept getting asked to go in. Eventually, a couple of girls, Staci & Shelby didn’t really ask if I wanted to go in with them. They basically told me. Suddenly, they whip out my ‘costume’ as well…..a tutu. You’re kidding me. Regardless, I got in that water in that tutu and I don’t even think I could feel my toes…or legs….or more importantly, guys, you know, THAT spot that is always the worst to dip into cold water.