As you've probably heard by now,legendary "60 Minutes" reporter Morley Safer passed away yesterday at 84, just one week after announcing his retirement.  Sources say his head had been on the decline for a while and he knew he didn't have much time left.

Reaching into the archives of his career, Canadian-born Safer passed through Buffalo in the early 80s and recanted some pretty damning comments he made about the Queen City.

Bettmann Archive / edited by Laura Daniels

During a national broadcast, Safer referred to the "aromatic shores of Lake Erie" and the "chemical cuisine"...probably referring to the infamous Love Canal landfill.  He then was commenting on Chinese chefs who came to the US to learn American-style cooking in Buffalo.

"Why Buffalo?" he mused, and continued with, "Eight-to-ten hours after eating the Buffalo cuisine, you're still not remember only too well your very last meal."

Tons of angry Buffalonians launched at him, prompting an invitation from the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce to tour the city and it's food, amidst it's "Talking Proud" campaign.

Safer accepted, and though he was expecting an angry mob, in true Buffalo fashion, he was greeted with open arms, and said:

It is interesting to see how the mythology of a city can do great damage.  I was writing about the mythology of Buffalo.  Now that I've seen the reality, it's a great city.

We're only sorry Mr. Safer won't be able to visit now with the incredible resurgence of our dear Buffalo.  Rest in peace, sir...