It's the year 2013, and it seems the world may be getting soft. In my opinion, it is completely ridiculous that a school district has cancelled their Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son softball game.

The superintendent decided to axe the events because a single mother brought up the idea that it was unfair her daughter was unable to attend the dance because she has no father.  She even went as far as filing a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union in May.

The director of the Union responded, saying, "I think when schools tell girls 'You love dances' and boys 'You love baseball games,' I think that is going too far. That is the whole point of having laws and policies to say public schools should not be the business of really encouraging such blatant stereotypes about what girls like and what boys like."

Public schools have no business fostering this? IT IS JUST A DANCE THAT PEOPLE REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO AND CARE ABOUT. IT IS JUST A BASEBALL GAME THAT PEOPLE LOOK FORWARD TO AND CARE ABOUT. For crying out loud, they’ve been doing it for generation and generations. Nobody is forcing people to go.

I think this is a horrible move by the district’s part and I would be ashamed to be a part of this decision.

What do you think?