I moved here from North Carolina about 2 months ago.  My parents and brother's family still live in Raleigh, NC so occasionally I see things that make me laugh.  Like the fact they got snow and ice last week and it caused all kinds of traffic issues, but I also found a cool video my friend posted on Facebook.

There are lots of neat things in NC to see from the mountains to the coast. One of my favorite things I found while living close to the coast were the wild horses that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There is a lot of speculation as to how they got there and there are several different varieties including Mustangs, Banker Ponies, and others. I lived close to Shackleford Banks for a few years and my friends and I would go to a restaurant across the inlet from the island just to watch the horses.  A friend of mine posted the video below of the Corolla wild horses on the beach in the snow last week. The National Park Service regulates the horses and access to them. You can get more information about them below the video.