What the *)(#(&*!!!!  This had better not be true. I guess you can tell from my empty explicatives that you can fill in any word you like there. This had better not be true!! first J-lo and Marc Anthony and now Will smith and Jada Pinkett. uuummm excuse me. What happened to Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson 'Solid" as a rock marriage. Is marriage becoming a farse?

Reports have surfaced that another mega Hollywood couple is spliting up. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are calling it quits after 13 years together.  Will appeared on "Ellen" two years ago, he spoke  about his marriage.  He said "Divorce is not an option". Let's get this straight. I don't know either of them, but I believed him. I love this couple together and I love the picture that they portray.

A rep for Jada, has said" she has nothing to say right now".  Maybe this is a trial seperation. Either way if it is true, THEY will be missed as one.  What they accomplished together was extrodinary. Let's hope the divorce will be an amicable one and not a sloppy mess!! Oh goodness I hope Seal And Heidi are not next.