Well, if it is, you might as well get in on the ground floor.

Meet Elska, a modern-day pioneer. While riding an iceberg [from where we do not know], she discovered a new island off the shore of Iceland. Elska is the central character of a new album [and possibly a new TV show], Middle Of Nowhere, which records her reactions to the creatures and land she discovers.

Now, you'd think this would be something created by an Icelandic children's-tv company. Actually, Elska was created by Shelley Wollert and Buffalo native Allen Farmelo, while on a vacation to the Arctic nation.

The music, and the videos for that music, have been very well received. Here are a couple of samples:

("Hiddi hiddi" is how those on the island say "hello")


Elska doesn't have the backing of a big toy or entertainment company, like most children's products. Attention has picked up slowly, but has been growing steadily. It's the cover story for this week's issue of Artvoice. If you're looking for a stocking stuffer for a child or grandchild, it'll be something nobody else in the neighborhood will likely have. Find out more at the Elska website .

[Elska will be performing Saturday morning at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center ]