Are you ready to fulfill a Love Challenge?

Delilah explains that you should try doing something nice for someone else and spread love in a unique way.

Can I give you something to chew on this month -- other than that box of chocolates? I want you to consider fulfilling a Love Challenge for the short month of February. Do something nice for someone else with no expectation of a reward or thank you in return. Make someone's day. Make someone smile. It's pretty simple.

You can fulfill this challenge really easily by checking in with your neighbor like I mentioned, and maybe scraping the ice off their car windshield while you're out there scraping yours. Surprise a coworker with a small box of chocolates. Send an email to encourage a friend. Say thank you to your child's teacher for their patience and care. Make a donation to a food bank. Send a care package to a widow to show her she is loved and not forgotten. Send a care package to our troops for the same reason.

Spread love in a unique way and show someone they matter to you. Will you accept this challenge? Send me a note at if you do, and feel the warmth of love outlast the bitter winter's chill.


How do YOU choose to spread love and make someone's day? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post