Kelly Clarkson is coming to BACK to Buffalo this weekend for the grand opening of the new Microsoft Store at the Walden Galleria. I've got a chance for YOU to get a pair of exclusive tickets AND meet & greets with "Krismas Kelly-oke" starting Wednesday morning!

It's simple! Kind of...

You'll have to channel your inner Kelly and sing whatever Christmas song I give you.'ll also have to replace a few words with "Kelly" and "Clarkson"...and you'll only have 30 seconds to do it!

For example, if the song is "Last Christmas", I may tell you to replace the word "heart" with "KELLY" and the word "day" with "CLARKSON". So you'd sing:

Last Christmas, I gave you my Kelly.  But the very next Clarkson, you gave it away...

Hey, only 1,500 fans will get in to the show, and only a handful will get meet &'s GOTTA be challenging! :)

We think she'd approve...she's goofy like me. We took a selfie this summer...

Don't trust your luck (or singing ability)?

Fans are able to line up at the Microsoft Store beginning this Friday night at 10 p.m. (November 15) for a chance to win tickets to Kelly’s exclusive performance. The first 100 fans in line receive a ticket and meet & greet, and the first 1,500 will get a ticket to the show.

Fans should line up indoors in the corridor between Coach and Sephora; enter at Cheesecake Factory.  The concert will take place at the Burt Flickinger Athletic Center at 7 p.m.