Last night, the X factor crowned a brand new winner as country singer Tate Stevens took home the title. But, really....was he the best on the show?

L.A. Reid, who mentored Stevens throughout the show is leaving after this season to return to his duties as head at Epic Records, is going out on top, with 37-year-old team member going, Tate Stevens winning the $5 million recording contract. You're never to old to win and just about anyone can take home the crown but, really was he the best on the show? Nah.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, who is only in tenth grade and mentored by Britney Spears took home second place which, she gets nothing more than a great experience and exposure comparing to Tate Steven's recording contract worth $5 Million. Though, I don't think she will have a problem beginning a career and we'll see more of her real soon. Sonenclar was clearly the more dynamic and powerful singer but, I guess that is the beauty of these singing competitions.

Between X Factor and NBC's 'The Voice', I have to say they both fail at a couple of things when comparing them to American Idol. First, neither of the shows with 'teams' have yet to produce a major superstar, unlike Idol. Secondly, sometimes I think the judge of contestants sways votes, even when the contestants aren't strong. What do you think?