This just in: You still need a license to fish, hunt, or own a dog. Yet stupid people continue to populate the earth willy-nilly.

If you've ever walked by a parked car and seen a car seat inside, you've probably taken a quick peak to make sure no one would be STUPID enough to leave their child in there.

I've called Animal Control and/or police more times that I want to admit when I see someone has left their animal in the car on a hot car.

But this takes the cake, and thankfully it did NOT happen here.

A New Zealand woman left her BABY in the car, with a note pinned to her, that said "My mom is inside shopping. Call if I need anything", followed by a cell number.

I would call that number, and let her know that what the baby a REAL MOM.

Here's a pic a passer-by snapped while waiting for authorities.

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