What would you do to save your life?  Or the lives of your loved ones, including your cat, horse...or dog?  Would you take on a black bear?

Well a Juneau, Alaska woman who says she knows it was "stupid" to punch a bear did just that...and saved her dog!

Brook Collins says it happened so fast she didn't even realize what she did until later.  This past Sunday the 22 year old let her dogs out when she heard some commotion. She saw a bear carrying her beloved dachshund named "Fudge" like a salmon in the bear's mouth. 

The only thing she could think of to do was punch the bear, and when she did the bear let go of "Fudge" and then ran off in to the woods.

Her pooch was more scared than hurt though he did suffer some minor claw and bite marks.

That's one brave lady, one happy dog...and one very surprised bear!