Having just moved in to a new house, I'm HYPER-sensitive to different, new sounds and creeks I hear. Is it vermin? Is it haunted? Did someone break in? Crazy, I know. Welcome to my brain. But this kind of thing could get me to think about packing up again...

A woman in Missouri watched an episode of "Cold Case Files" on A&E last month, and it featured the house she was currently renting. Turns out a serial killer had tortured and killed at least 12 women inside. The St. Louis Housing Authority helped the woman get out of her lease, and she's moving out by the end of the month.

The murderer's mother is the landlord, and didn't disclose what had happened. Legally, we don't think she HAD to. But the woman wanted OUT. We can't say we blame her.

If you finally found your dream house or apartment, and then found out something HORRIBLE had happened there, would you move?