A new study says women can frequently pick out male cheaters just by seeing pictures of men they've never met. Can men pick out female cheaters? Research says - no!

"We provide the first evidence that faithfulness judgments, based solely on facial appearance, have a kernel of truth."

The research was done by an Australian team, headed by Gillian Rhodes. 34 men and 34 women were shown photos of men and women they didn't know. They were asked to pick out people whom they thought were unfaithful.

When the researchers compared the guesses of study participants with information from the people in the photographs, they found that women were better at picking out cheaters than men. In fact, male participants seemed to have no clue who was faithful or not. They had a tendency to pick attractive women as more likely to be unfaithful, although there was no evidence that they were.

There didn't seem to be any common factor in who women chose as unfaithful, except that "masculine-appearing" men were tagged more often than others as potential cheaters.

The moral? If you're a man who wants to cheat, look wussy.

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