I don't know to many people who can't wait to get dressed for the gym, let alone go. I have never said, "' Ooh I just can't wait to go to the gym". I admit an elliptical may have my name written all over it and it may be calling me, but I don't want to answer.  When you do make it to the gym what do you wear?  Olivia Newton John spurred a true gym fashion frenzy in the 80's. My own mother wore a head band and jogged in a plastic silver sweatsuit with leg warmers, she looked ridiculous. Some people like to be fashionably cute or fashionably comfy when they are working out.  I recently came across an article of what NOT to wear to the gym. I had no idea that some of the articles we choose to work out in could cause problems for your skin, gynecological health or become a safety hazard. I am guilty as sin of wearing a cotton t-shirt. Here is a list of fashion No No's for the gym.

1. All cotton T shirts.

Are you kidding me? A cotton tee is the first thing I grab. Not anymore. I don't want to resemble a alligator. Body Armour has plenty of cute brights to lift your mood while your moving!! Grab a moisture wicking tee, this will keep you cool and dry.

2. Too Small exercise bras and tank tops

If you are wearing a bra that is too small you are loosing out on optimal support that can lead to pain. Spillage is not comfortable for anyone, accept for the weird balding guy that has been smiling at you.  Champion has a great line of sports bras as well as Athleta.

3. Baggy Sweatpants

This is DANGEROUS!!! Your pants can get caught in a machine, even worse you have to keep pulling them up. Instead of focusing on your reps and weights, you'll be worrying about your pants falling down. Wear a pant that is fitted. If you are fuller figure aim for a boot cut fit. Lane Bryant makes a wonderful line for the girl on the move.

4. Thong

I don't care what the Thong Song says. Ouch!! This has to be extremely uncomfortable.  I don't recommend this ever. When you are sweating and moving around rectal bacteria can cruise along the thong and enter your vagina and urinal tract. This can cause an infection and a visit to your doctors office stat. Wear a moisture wicking panty to help prevent issues.