I would much rather go to Timmy Ho's for a coffee rather than Starbucks. That's because my wallet really much rather looks the average, working man rather than Justin Bieber's. At $7 a drink, no thanks. But, to make things interesting you can buy a gift card for $50.....THEN load it with money.

So, if you have someone that loves their coffee, the Starbucks Metal Card, a gift card made out of steel may be the way to go. If you have $450 extra to spare.

Each card is specially steel, costs $50 to make, and then comes loaded with $400, to let your spending spree begin. But, you can't just go to your local Starbucks join to pick it up.  They'll only be sold on members-only site gilt.com.

According to yahoo.com, "We've never sold anything like this," says Jason Goldberger, executive vice president of Gilt.com. No kidding Jason, when was the last time that you saw a metal gift card?