Would you ever dare to do it?

You have a family of four: you, your husband and your two teenage kids--but, he left you years ago for his mistress.

Plot twist: he comes over often for dinner and even spends the night on the weekends so he can spend time with your kids. He lives with his new wife and daughter in another state so he makes the drive to be with them every weekend.

Jaimie Seaton of the Washington Post has been dealing and blogging about her experience:

There were meals at which I sat with a forced smile and nodded politely, while seething or feeling nauseous, but said nothing. There were days it took all of my strength to hold back tears watching my children interacting with their father, and remembering the happier days we had as a family.  But I had one overriding goal: to support my son and daughter in their relationships with their father.

Would you ever consider doing this? Not even a chance?