Ozzy Osbourne, reformed rock and roll wildman, is being considered for an honor usually reserved for politicians and military heroes; having his hometown airport named in his honor.

The Ozz-man, you see, is a native of Birmingham, England [they're called Brummies, which makes Buffalonian sound rather dignified]. The man who discovered Osbourne's legendary band, Black Sabbath, is behind the campaign, which is at least in the "Well, we've heard worse ideas" stage with local politicians.

In Ozzy's favor, he has been clean and sober for years, after a near-fatal battle with drugs and alcohol. Naming an English airport after a musician isn't unprecedented; Liverpool's facility honors the memory of John Lennon. And, for better or worse, Osbourne is probably the best-known Brummie [see, I told you it was a silly term] in the world today.

If Oz doesn't make the cut, there are a few other possibilities: Birmingham is home to, among other groups, Duran Duran and UB-40.