Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

One thing I learned by growing up in WNY; if something can be ridden down a snow-covered hill on a cold winter's day, it will be.

I'm not much for riding anything down snow-covered hills, so I'm probably not the person to ask. But this video was pointed out to me, and perhaps you'll be interested too. The labelling on YouTube looks to be in Russian, but the gentleman demonstrating shovel-riding speaks English [anyone who recognizes the location is free to leave a comment below]:
[There is a problem; the person who posted this video to YouTube writes his or her name with the Cyrillic alphabet used in written Russian. We don't have that font, unfortunately, so all we can do is note our regrets]

Would I try it? Almost certainly not. But for you thrill seekers out there, shovels are in plentiful supply this time of year. Good luck...