Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports published an article yesterday about what a great city Buffalo is and how we support our NFL team no matter what.

The article compares Buffalo to Green Bay of 15 years ago and how starved we are for a championship that we still sell out Ralph Wilson Stadium even after 11 years without a playoff game.

The article mentions Jim Kelly and how he loves to pull his RV into the parking lot outside the stadium on game day and party with the rest of the fans.

Rian Lindel talks about how the Bills are such a huge part of the lives of Western New Yorkers saying  "Each one has a story. Maybe It’s the lady who has flown a Bills flag from the porch every day since Lindell has been in Buffalo or perhaps it comes in the man who mows his lawn in a Bills sweatshirt."(Yahoo!)

The 3-0 start the Buffalo Bills are enjoying is  just a sign of how things are changing in our city. Unemployment is on the decline. High tech jobs are on the rise, and our home prices have pretty much stayed consistent while other parts of the country have seen a sharp decline and thousands of foreclosures.

Buffalo has taken some hits in the past that would have caused others to give and move elsewhere but that's not what we are about. Our potential is limited only by our imagination.