I'm mildly afraid of heights. As long as I know I'm in a safe spot I don't mind being in a high place, but as I was walking into work this morning I was getting sweaty palms just watching this guy! How would you like to be a window washer on the Rand Building?!

The Rand Building
The Rand Building
The Rand Building

In case you are wondering, he was on the 9th floor cleaning the window when I saw him. He's only being held to the building by 2 straps. There's not enough money in this world to get me to do something like that! Especially because I think he goes all the way to the 26th floor!

UPDATE: This is Andy, he's the one I saw hanging off the building.

Andy (aka Crazy Spiderman window cleaner)

This is what holds Andy to the building and according to the building maintenance man he will be cleaning all the windows in the building including the ones on the 26th floor! YIKES!! Be careful Andy!!

Andy's Equipment

If you think that's crazy, you should see this Australian daredevil who climbed a 900 ft. building without any safety equipment and then jumped off of it!

If you can handle that, then you also need to watch the time lapse video from the top of the Freedom Tower in NYC. The new Freedom Tower being constructed in downtown New York City will rise to 1,776 feet once it’s completed, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the third tallest building in the world.