Let me start by saying I love bats! I even did a report on them when I was in elementary school. My mom found one when she was a kid that had a tracking tag on it, and when animal control came to get it, she found out it had migrated a long distance!

But my friend posted these pictures on Facebook this morning, and I couldn't believe it! She has a gigantic truck because she used to own a horse farm. When she got home this morning, she saw what she thought was a leaf stuck in the grill. It turned out to be a bat -- and not a little bat either!

Bat (Jazz Busenbark Facebook)
Bat (Jazz Busenbark Facebook)

I told her she should call animal control to see if they wanted to test it. When she called, the guy laughed at her and said they only test bats and other animals that have contact with humans. Sorry Jazz, I didn't mean for you to get laughed at! LOL

It's so cute, and I'm no bat expert but I think he/she is a Eastern Red Bat

What is the oddest thing you have taken out with your vehicle?