I can't decide who I would rather meet, George Clooney or President Obama?  Luckily, it's a decision we won't have to make anytime soon.  You have the opportunity to meet both as part of a fundraising effort for the president's re-election campaign.

Oscar-winning actor George Clooney is hoping to drum up some support for President Obama in a rather unique way.  OnTheRedCarpet.com  reports Clooney is hosting a fundraising event in which one lucky winner and a guest will be invited to dinner with himself and the President.  

Supporters, for a minimum donation of $3 to the Obama campaign, can be entered for a chance to receive round-two trip tickets, hotel accommodations and dinner with President Obama and George Clooney.  To enter, click here. 

It'd be great to win, but then again I would be a nervous wreck about the entire meeting.  What would we talk about?  Would I spill something?  What will they think?  Too much pressure, I think I'll stay home and have some easy mac'n cheese with the kids.