...but only if you bring your dog to work.

Today's study is courtesy of Virginia Commonwealth University. Researchers there report that bringing your dog to work can lower stress and increase employee satisfaction.

Study researcher Randolph Barker [well, of course there'd be a dog joke in there somewhere], PhD says bringing pets [I guess cats and other creatures would be welcome. Then again, I cherish my three cats. But they are not stressbusters, at least not based on my experience] would work like low-cost therapy for frazzled workers. (This presumes, of course, that the workplace in question is set up to allow pets to join their owners. One such company is Replacements, Ltd, in Greenboro, NC, which commissioned the study).

In 2009, USA Today reported on a study that said 20 % of US companies are pet-friendly to varying degrees. But I don't know that I've heard of any around Western New York. Do you know of any? Please let us know, here or on our Facebook page.