We have all had them -- those embarrassing moments we wish we could forget about!

Most of us don't have cameras focused on us all the time, so our mishaps go mostly unnoticed. Unfortunately for public figures and celebrities, they don't have that luxury.

Runway - Fall (Getty)

There is an entire Tumblr devoted to models falling, and our Afternoon Delight is also devoted to that today, but they aren't the only ones.

Boston Red Sox fall (Getty)

Sometimes sports figures take a spill diving for a ball -- or in this case, Carl Crawford of the Boston Red Sox took a tumble after scoring a run at home.

David Beckham Fall (Getty)

Sometimes athletes fall when they aren't playing sports, like Davis Beckham. I don't know what happened here, but that looks like it hurt!

Olympics Gymnastics - Gabrielle Douglas (Getty)

Sometimes athletes recover from their falls and go on to win gold medals, like Gabrielle Douglas!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Jennifer Lawrence (Getty)

Other people recover gracefully from their fall and accept an Oscar, like Jennifer Lawrence.

Bummed Out (Getty)

Falls aren't the only things that are embarrassing. Sometimes you split your pants at inopportune times! Lucky for this guy, he lives in England, so no one here will know him.


Unfortunately for one of our sales guys, he split his pants on the way in to talk to a client. Luckily, the other salesperson with him noticed it and let him know before the client saw it. You would think he would have noticed a cool breeze or something!

Girl at 3 Doors Down Show at Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion- Raleigh

Finally, my favorite embarrassing moment picture I've ever taken. I did say that "our mishaps go mostly unnoticed." That is unless you are at a concert in front of me and you look like you went to the bathroom in your pants. Then I can't help but take a picture of you. I feel sorry for anyone who sat on the seat after her!

I hope you got a good laugh from these -- and remember, everyone falls once in awhile. You have to just dust yourself off and keep going -- or buy a new pair of pants!