The weekend was great except for the all the bug bites and bee stings! It seems they're out in swarms over the last week. So how do you treat those itches and ouches? 

My daughter was stung by a bee Sunday. Turns out she is one of several people I know who got stung over the weekend including our own Brian Russel and Mike Randal's wife! Mike tells us the mild winter didn't kill off as many bugs as usual so we may actually be seeing more of the little critters this summer. (I was on the lacrosse field at my daughter's practice last night, and got bit at least a dozen times!) Anyway, we asked for your remedies to help with the bites and stings. Here's what some of our friends had to say on Facebook:Bug Bite and Bee Sting remedies

Please feel free to add your bug bite and bee sting remedies or comments below!