It must be really difficult to be a zombie. I mean, you're undead! That's bad enough, Then there's the unfortunate question of appearance. And what do you do when some "livey" [living person] drops into the neighborhood?Canada has addressed this problem, at least in the form of a public service announcement for its Heart and Stroke Foundation. Knowing that many Canadian zombies will be visiting stores here in WNY during that nation's Thanksgiving holiday [and a happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian listeners, living and undead}, it seems like a good time to present it for the locals [the video is a little gory in spots but, after all, they are zombies]:
[Heart and Stroke Foundation/YouTube]

Answering a couple questions you may have:

-why do the zombies revive the woman, only to eat her brains afterwards? - Well, zombies prefer eating brains of the living. It's like what the living do with lobsters. Yeah, it's cruel. But it's really better to eat living brains than dead. Or so I understand. Your other likely question;

-why did the zombies not breathe into the woman's lungs when they were performing CPR? Well, the so-called "hands-only" CPR has become the preferred form of first aid for stroke and heart attack victims. People, living and unliving, prefer to give CPR when it doesn't involve putting their lips on some stranger.