The walkout on TV's The Biggest Loser seems to be over, as a slightly smaller cast returned to the show yesterday.

TMZ, which has followed this story since it broke earlier this week, says the show has resumed production - minus two contestants!

Details on the walkout and its sudden conclusion are still sketchy - for instance, the names of the two ousted players are not available - but there are rumors that the whole dispute will be worked into a future episode of the reality competition. The player strike seemed to stem from a rumor that show producers were going to bring back eliminated contestants to the contest, giving them a second chance at the $250,000 winner's prize. NBC-TV, for its part, is still refusing to comment on the incident.

In a season that has already seen unpresented in-fighting, hostility worth of Mafia Wives, and an entire team apparently "throwing" a weight-loss challenge, just to be able to vote an unpopular player off the show (!), can anything turn this show around? Or have you just lost interest, at least for this group of players? Give us your opinion, either here or on our Facebook page...