I know all of the stats. The Patriots have won 60 of 101 games against the Bills (as per "Yahoo!Sports" ).  That means though, the Bills have beat them 40 times! (The two teams tied one game.) Despite losing the last 15 games to the Patriots, I think today the Bills will make it 41 wins.  

I'm no expert. In fact, I'm just a Bills fan. Let's face it though, it's time. The Bills have not won a game against the Patriots since 2003, when Buffalo beat New England 31-0. Oddly enough, a YouTube search turned up a few other games in which 31 points was the magic number for the Bills!  I'm thinking not only will the Bills win, but maybe 31 is the lucky  number!   Check out these games!

The last time the Bills beat the Patriots in 2003, the final score was 31-0!

The score was 31-10 when a very young Jim Kelly and the rest of the Bills beat the Patriots in 1989. Guess who was the Pats quarterback at the time? Doug Flutie!

Thirty-one years ago (again our lucky number), The Bills were victorius over the Patriots by a score of 31-13. It was 1980, Joe Ferguson was Buffalo's quarterback.