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Tony P goes to Dealer School
Early this morning I was lucky enough to attend Seneca Gaming Dealer School at the Seneca Niagara Casino.  Class was in session and I brought my 'A' game...turns out it wasn't good enough!
If you have been to a casino you have seen the dealers in action...
‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 1/21/17
2017 is flying by, so luckily you can stay caught up here!  Everything from this past week's show that you may have missed or wanted to relive again - CLICK HERE.  Enjoy!
While you're waiting, check out this cool pajama folding hack!
Tony P in LuLaRoe…it Never Looked So Good [VIDEO]
The other day I made the mistake of not knowing what LuLaRoe was during our show.  Val Townsend quickly pounced on the idea of me trying on some of the leggings...I mean 'meggings'.
Today I took that challenge, and Val's friends Karen Z and Justin from LuLaRoe brought me a p…
Yes, People are Really Asking Alexa To Do This [VIDEO]
This past Christmas the Amazon Echo in all it's variations were the hot items for under the tree. Ever since hilarious videos seem to come out on the daily of what you can ask "Alexa" (the virtual assistant) to do.
Now there is a new trend, people are really asking Alexa …
Owner and Dog Make Snow Angels Side by Side [VIDEO]
Anyone in the need of a quick fix happiness to brighten your day? This is bound to put smile on your face! Watch this adorable dog make snow angels with its owner!! Who said only people enjoy the winter??
Eventually when I am a "Dog Dad" I will train my pup to do the same! Doe…
Another Reason Why We Live in WNY!
The Western New York winters can be long and cold, and the sports seasons can seem even longer and colder.  We have been the butt of national jokes, and our biggest identity is arguably snow and the chicken wing.  You know what's great though...
Laura Daniels Claims This is How She Works Out [VIDEO]
Laura Daniels and I were at Buffalo on Tap this past weekend. While we were there we saw Erica, an ariel dancer preforming. Laura then proceeded to tell me she also can do the same moves, and this is how she stays in shape! Watch her try to name all the positions in the video above...
Shells Made of Fried Chicken at Taco Bell
Every once in a while a fast food chain creates a game changer, i.e. (The Big Mac, Chicken Fries, Double Down ) and now Taco Bell hopes to add to this list with their new concept.
Coming to Taco Bell stores nationwide January 26th the company will be selling "The Naked Chicken Cha…

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