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‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 1/7/17
A new year is upon us and we are happy to help kick it off with you!  The holidays are over but that doesn't mean a lot hasn't happened over the past week.  If anything it only got crazier.  Catch up on 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P right HERE...
Proposal at Waterfall Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]
I'm sure we all have watched plenty of incredible proposal videos! You know.. the ones that give us the feels. Maybe just reliving your own proposal moment in your mind brings back great memories.
But for one couple they, and the rest of the world will remember their moment as tragic. A y.…
What Song Is My Toddler Singing?
Seriously, does anyone know? He seems very sure of the lyrics and pleased with his performance, but I'm still mystified about "The Sheep Song."
Pie Face Showdown With Val & Tony
What better way to spend a snowy afternoon than with some board games? It's National Whipped Cream Day too, so Pieface Showdown seemed like a solid choice.
Watch what happens here..
16 Going On 17 Failed Playoff Bids
The Sound of the Buffalo Bills.
Have you seen this video going around social media? It's of Rochester native Jenny Fagen's lament to her favorite hometown team, set to the tune of "16 Going On 17" from "The Sound of Music."
We feel ya, Jenny...
Adorable Kids Describe Their Belief in Santa Claus [VIDEO]
Nothing puts a smile on my face more then seeing the joy of those around me during the holidays! I love getting to see the smiles on children's faces as they await the arrival of Santa Claus and all their presents!
Check out this great video above, in which these kids keep the magic of San…
Woman Takes the Longest Uber Ride in History
Uber is close to coming to New York State outside of NYC. I personally hope and pray nightly that we will have its services here in the queen city! But those in other states that have access to Uber may be taking advantage of the opportunity of having it...
New Red Panda at the Buffalo Zoo! [VIDEO]
This is cuteness OVERLOAD! Check out the new red panda at the Buffalo Zoo!
It's name is Scout and I am weak from how adorable it is! According to WGRZ it came to us from the Memphis Zoo, and today is it's official debut in Buffalo!
I have never heard of a red panda before. May...
Would you Buy this Prison for Cellphones? [VIDEO]
There are few things that I hate more then when I am with a group of friends hanging out, and everyone is on their cell phone! Facebooking, Snapchatting, Tweeting, texting, etc. seems to distract those from their current surroundings.
This really drives me crazy when out to dinner or having a p…
A Christmas Journey with The Mix Morning Rush [VIDEO]
When Laura Daniels tells Eric Jordan that she isn't feeling the Christmas spirit, he takes her on a holiday journey. With hopes of having Laura regain her love of the season, our Christmas adventure begins.
Merry Christmas from Laura Daniels and Eric Jordan!...

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