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4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for You and Your Kids
Flickr user Dinner Series
Make yourself one (or more) of these to beat the heat. (There’s a virgin recipe for each one as well, so the kids — and your lightweight Aunt Betty — can feel equally cool.)
Don't just stick to plain lemonade, mix it up and check out these rec…
Local New Age Requirements for Purchasing Tobacco Products
Teens in Chautauqua county will no longer be able to legally purchase tobacco products. Now passed by the County Legislature the county has raised the legal age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old.
While officials feel the change is positive for the health of the youth in the coun…
‘Happy Hour’ Yoga Coming to Market Arcade
Attention lovers of both fitness and architecture!  Buffalo Rising reports that the Market Arcade will host H.E.A.L BFLO in a series of 'happy hour' yoga sessions in its visually stunning and historic building.
The first session starts tonight and then every Monday evening  f…
Things That Are Supposed to Relieve Stress That Stress You Out
So this might seem obvious to some, but a new study confirms that seeing live music actually reduces stress.
(To ME, it has the 100 percent OPPOSITE effect, but we'll get into that in a second...)
While previous studies have confirmed going to a "public cultural event" shows a reduction in t…

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