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Tony P’s Movember is Over, What Do You Think?!
The 30 days of November flew by and now the big reveal is here!  I have to say I was skeptical at first, but I like it and it hasn't been uncomfortable at all.  Honestly I forget that I even have it half the time.
You can see my progress below, and I want to know what you think...
Grand Island Changing Roadway Into Bike Path
State proceeds with plan to close Grand Island's West River Pkwy as safest option for Greenway connecting bike trail
— The Buffalo News (@TheBuffaloNews) November 25, 2016
State plans are underway in Grand Island, NY to change an existing r…
Movember Day 21…Tony P is Unrecognizable
Obviously this picture is just a joke, but it is how I feel inside!  This is what I feel like it looks like on my face.  I am no longer showing my beard until the final day so tune in next week for the big reveal!
Tony P’s Movember Update – 11/18
It has been 18 days and the beard is beginning to take its toll.  It's growing in fine but I just don't think I am a beard type of guy.  I can't tell if I love it or hate it.
I feel like it makes me look messy if that makes any sense...
Tony P Movember: Day 14
It's been 14 days and I am officially one of the bearded masses.  It has been a weird adjustment walking around with this thing because most of the time I forget I have it.
Also, to be clear, it's not that I couldn't grow a beard, I just never chose to.  L...
‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 11/11
This year is flying by but this past week felt really long.  Bills on Monday Night, an election that seems to still be going...and that was all before Humpday!  It was a long week so we are going to make it easy on you and recap anything you may have missed from the show this week...
Tony P’s Movember Update – 11/7/16
One full week down and I am starting to feel it!  My plan is to grow it a little and then begin to groom and sculpt it once I decide what I want to do.
I am thankful that I am only required to grow the mustache because my neck is already itching like crazy...
Tony P Will Not Shave In November, You’re Welcome
For the past few years I have been unable to participate in the 'Movember' movement where men do not shave for the month.  I always had something happening where I just had to shave.  Not this year, I am all in.
Aside from just the fun of not shaving, it is an actual mo…
Hundreds Bike from Buffalo to Albany!
The Annual Canal Tour Ride kicked off yesterday. Around 650 cyclists who are also tourists took to the Erie Canal Bike Path. Those cyclists include individuals from Canada and Australia.
The ride is a 400-mile ride from Buffalo to Albany...

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