More About A Chocolate Affair


Wine & Chocolate
Buffalo are you ready? The Chocolate Affair and Buffalo Uncorked Wine Tasting Party are joining forces for one great event – the Buffalo Wine & Chocolate Affair on Saturday, February 27 at the Tonawanda Castle!
It's the perfect Valentine's gift so get your tickets now!
Wine-Infused Ice Cream
You know what they say about two great tastes that go great together!
Wine-infused ice cream is a thing...a big thing...from a company in Boonville, NY called Mercer's Dairy. (Boonville is just northeast of Syracuse)
I've tried something like it before and it really is
Snuggie Formalwear! [VIDEO]
I'll admit it -- and admit it with pride -- I own three, count 'em three, Snuggies.
They're cozy. They're warm. They're snuggly. They have arms so I don't have to worry about my limbs getting chilly when I'm cramming bowls of popcorn in my face with one hand and hol…
Chocolate Affair Tickets On Sale
Looking for the perfect gift for the chocolate lover on your holiday list? Well we are here to make your shopping easy with tickets to the CHOCOLATE AFFAIR - where it's all about the CHOCOLATE!!!

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