It started about a year and a half ago. I was already about 5-10 pounds over what I wanted to weigh, and then "the kidney stone". Did it cause me to gain weight, not as a root cause, but it caused me to drink more water, and every time I went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, I also got something to eat. Then I stopped walking, and because of my schedule, up at 3:30am to bed early and night, I found an excuse not to restart my walking regimen.

I was about 185 to start, then 195, I maxed out at 210 pounds, I am only 5 foot 8. At this rate I would have to replace my Facebook pic with one of "Jabba the hut".

I started to walk again, about 2 miles 5 nights a week, you probably see me around the streets of Lewiston. This was good for dropping about 8.5 pounds, and I was modifying what I ate, or should I say the amount that I ate. Then I heard the commercials on the station for Buffalo Hypnosis. I didn't call immediately, but I thought about it, I read up on it, Mayo Clinic, internet. I have friends that have used hypnosis for weight loss and to quit smoking with favorable results.

I then called Robert Saviola, the Owner, and discussed hypnosis with him. Nice man, professional, well spoken. I then met with a hypnotist to see if I could be hypnotized (some people can't).

With that step finalized I signed up for a program that involves six, one on one sessions (one per week for six weeks) and some monthly sessions. There is no "you are feeling very sleepy" involved, by 2pm I feel that way anyway!

I want to make this clear..."This is not a testimonial for Buffalo Hypnosis, they are not paying me to do this, nor is the radio station. I have paid the fee for this program myself."

I start Monday. It is about behavior modification, having a open-mind, about exercise, weight loss, and spending some money to achieve it.

The journey begins...I will post regularly of my progress.