FACT: Approximately 50% of all first marriages end in divorce.

FACT: Over 75% will remarry after divorce.

FACT: 65% of all remarriages involve children from the first marriage.

FACT: 65-70% of all second marriages end in divorce.

FACT: If both have children, the divorce rate for second marriages exceeds 70%

The odds seem depressing, don’t they? It’s enough to make a couple wonder if they should even bother getting remarried. The good news is that “happily ever after” is possible by equipping yourself with the right tools and information.

As few as five years ago, stepfamilies struggled to find helpful resources. Today, there are books, websites, specialists, support groups and even online self-help publications like StepMom Magazine to help couples avoid becoming another statistic. We’ve come a long way!

Stepfamilies are completely different than traditional, nuclear families. Learning about the dynamics, the most common problems and the qualities that make them unique is a wise investment in your future and the the first step to success!