The folks who make Slurpees are pushing for a real "Slurpee Summit" since President Obama mentioned the icey drink during a post-election news conference.  Obama joked about holding a "Slurpee Summit" with the new republican leadership of the House. 

"This is a rare opportunity for a brand," says Margaret Chabris, a spokeswoman for 7-eleven, which owns 44-year-old Slurpee. "We don't want to be opportunistic, but nothing has ever been this big for Slurpee."

White House officials were contacted late Wednesday by officials representing 7-Eleven with a proposal for the Slurpee brand to cater a Slurpee Summit between key Democrats and Republicans. The summit could be at the White House — or wherever the president chooses. "If the president wants a Slurpee Summit, we're offering to cater it with red and blue Slurpees — and we'll even offer a purple Slurpee, since that's what you get when you bring red and blue together," Chabris says.

Meanwhile, 7-Eleven on Friday will place an ad in national newspapers that plays off the idea of Slurpees bringing people together, says Chabris. One concept in discussion is a picture of a purple Slurpee with a red straw and a blue straw sticking out.

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