Facebook Saves Dog With Jug Stuck On Head [VIDEO]
We've heard many stories about the power of Facebook.  The social media site has been responsible for uniting long lost families, catching crooks and raising awareness to a good cause among other things.  This time, Facebook has saved a dog from a tricky situation.
Twins In Name Only
I've always heard that everyone has a twin out there . Over the years, I've seen a few of them, usually sitting a row or two over on the bus. You may have run into one or two of yours as well. But how many name twins do you have?
New Facebook Feature Should Save Lives
The numbers are daunting.
43 % of Americans have registered as organ donors. But less than 1% of deaths leave organs available for re-use. And in many cases, the people who make the decisions about organ donation may not be aware of their loved one's choice.
Jay-Z Launches Facebook Game App
We know that Jay-Z doesn’t play games when it comes to his business. That’s why he’s among the wealthiest rap moguls in hip-hop. But if you ever wondered how Jay flips his business deals — there’s an app for that.
See What Facebook Would’ve Looked Like in the ’90s
Ever wonder what Facebook would’ve looked like back in the early days of the internet? Well, wonder no more. The fine folks at SquirrelMonkey.com have unearthed this (fake) VHS tape from the 20th century TV show ‘Wonders of the World Wide Web,’ which discusses a…
School Forces Students to Delete Facebook Pages
Schools these days seem to have no compunctions about policing students’ use of social media. An Indiana teenager was recently expelled for swearing in a tweet, and now a Brooklyn, New York school is forcing its charges to delete their Facebook accounts — or face expulsion them…

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