Should New York Have Longer School Years? [POLL]
Is increasing the length of the school year a good idea?  One of Governor Andrew Cuomo's  ideas is extending the length of school days, and/or school years.
If schools move ahead with the governor's idea of increasing learning time by 25 percent, your child could spend approximate…
WOMEN: Which Would You Pick?
There was quite the popular answer. What do you think it was and what would you rather have....
1. Have 15 minutes alone in the bathroom?
2. 8 uninterupted hours of sleep?
3. A night in a hotel alone with no kids or husband?
4. 1 week of free babysitting?
5. Your husband doing the dishes for a month...wi…
Any Changes For Next Year? [POLL]
When I was a kid I remember being encouraged by my parents to make resolutions to improve in some way the following year. Most of them didn't work out. But maybe you had better luck with yours. Are you going to improve in 2013?

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