Enjoy Buffalo Love on The People’s Court [VIDEO]
The defendant in this case clearly doesn't like the way her boyfriend treated her, but does love the way our city of Buffalo treats her – just one problem, she enjoyed our city on his dime. The first case in the episode of "The People's Court" clearly shows Buffalo …
This Royal Dutch Guide Dog Commercial May Tear You Up [VIDEO]
My cousin is a veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan and he is a soldier that carries memories that we don't have to. I found this commercial to be very powerful and it was nominated for the 'Gouden Loeki' (Dutch commercial award) which is an advertising award that the public votes…
Why Is ABC Family Changing It’s Name to Freeform [VIDEO]
There are only a few television channels I can put on for my son Dylan and not worry about the programming content. Disney Channel, Nick Jr, and ABC Family are regulars in our household but now I'm wondering about ABC's new freeform attitude for this family friendly television station.

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