I was about to pull out of the parking lot after doing my grocery shopping for the week at my neighborhood Tops.  I headed for the exit which opens onto a relatively busy street.  I was thankful that the folks at Tops had thought this out and placed an "island" in the middle of the exit which directed vehicles to the right and placed a No Left Turn sign at the driveway as well to make our lives just a little bit easier and safer.  And there it was,  the car ahead of me at the exit had no turn signal on.  I thought no big deal.  I was sure that the driver had seen the No Left Turn sign and wouldn't attempt to navigate that funky island obstacle in his path and try to turn left.  Silly me.  I was stuck there waiting for this inconsiderate person to turn left, an almost impossible situation.  Fortunately a few of my fellow motorists showed some mercy and let this person (and me ) out.  I turned right by the way.  Life today is tough enough!  Lets all show some kindness and consideration towards our fellow human beings.  Just a little.  Please.