One downside of the Big Game broadcast each year is that so many commercials run during the game, or during the pre- and post-game shows, that sometimes a great commercial just gets lost in the sheer number of ads. This one, I think, doesn't deserve that fate.

For some time now, MetLife has used the Peanuts character Snoopy as its corporate spokesbeagle. This time around, he decided to add some of his friends. As you're about to see, Snoopy has a lot of friends:

[MetLife, via YouTube]

Having spent more than a few Saturday mornings in front of the TV, watching my favorite cartoons, I was able to identify a really embarassing number of the cartoon stars [I even found Waldo, of "Where's Waldo?" fame. I was surprised to see none of the Disney characters, but they may have a different insurance company].

And yet, I haven't found this one on any of the "Top 10" lists making the rounds. It must've gotten lost in all the other commercials. Still, I don't understand why...