Family, friends, hope, faith and love.  I am thankful for many things as the holiday season approaches, but none greater than these.  2011 has had its ups and downs, but all of these things have made the good times greater and tough times easier. 

Family is precious, friends can be equally as important.  Hope for better times, faith that good things will come and love that lets you know you are not alone all top my list of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We never know how long we really have on their earth.  I am grateful for every hug I get from my children, every smile from my husband, every moment I share with my Mom and Dad.  I am thankful for Jerry's mother's love and thoughtfulness as well.  I can't forget the

dogs either, lots of love there!

That covers all of the major stuff, but there is a lot more I am grateful for!  The list includes chocolate, peanut butter m&m's and pizza.  How about my mom's swedish meatballs, yum!  Let's not forget good movies and relaxing weekends.  I also love watching my son skate down the ice, and am grateful for his new hockey team.  My heart sings when I watch my daughter play Lacrosse and Cheerlead.  Watching my son pitch in baseball is another thankful memory.  

I could go on and on and on, but I will stop here.  It's time for you to tell me, silly or serious... what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?