Like the many other millions of women in the world I found myself at one of my favorite places in the mall, the cosmetics counter. I can't believe there was a time when cosmetics and I were not friends. Thanks to my friend Robyn, I saw the light. I've been lucky to have a friend that is a makeup artist who is kind enough to teach me the tricks of the trade when I need them.

I honestly prefer to keep it natural. I'm glad the industry is listening to the everyday woman and making natural makeup the "It" trend. Studies have shown that 1 in 5  men prefer no makeup at all. That's nice of the 1 percent to say, but if you tend to look like a raccoon without your concealer. I can assure you no one will call you cuddly and cute and scramble for a picture. 

 With so many concealers out there I could not believe my eyes. My friend spoke of Dermablend and I thought yeah right.  This just may be one of the best concealers on earth in my opinion. I love the range of shades for all ethnicity's.  If you want to look 5-10 years younger apply concealer and you will instantly look better. Darker complexions should try a concealer that is a shade lighter than their complexion for the most natural look. If you are a Dermablend user you must share with us.