As you know, I'm a new homeowner, and I stink at EVERYTHING handyman-wise.  I don't know how to do ANYTHING.

So when stupid little things happen, like this crack in my wall due to a VERY dry summer, making my house shift in weird ways, I freak out. I had it checked out, it's fine. Just have to fix it...

But Saturday during a REALLY gusty afternoon, this blew into my back yard, which rendered me insane. I'm what you call a "catastrophic thinker" so I assumed that not only did this thing hit the power line, but that it was conducting electricity through my metal fence, and if DJ went near it I'd have a fricasseed Labrador on my hands.

I did go around the block to see if the person who owned the tent knew it had blown over, and she did and she had already contacted National Grid.  The NG guys came out and assured us it wasn't on a live wire, and the "line guys" were coming to fix it up.

BTW, the owners were out with ladders and flashlights that night, bringing it down and moving it. All is well in the Daniels household.

No fricasseed Labrador.